Saturday, April 5, 2014

Makibox Modificaton Extruder drive

Since my zenwheel broke, i needed a new extruder drive, today i finaly had the time to get something together. It aint pretty but works, you need to have a working 3d printer to create those pretty parts...

The drive i got aint ment to be for a bouwden setup, so i created a wooden "plug" to clamp the tube down.

And yet another wooden piece to clamp it down. 

This results in a bouwden extruder J drive setup.

Witch i "mounted" on my makibox 

Some short clips of it in action. At the moment i am printing the "cute octopus says hello" ill post some results. To compensate for the difference in drive i modifyed the extrusion mulitplyer in slic3r to 0.7 this seems to work out quite ok.

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