Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Makibox E3D Hotend hack

After the zendrive replacement i started thinking about the hotend. Since i do want to be able to print PLA and just cant seem to get it to work with the stock makibox hotend i orderd a http://e3d-online.com/E3D-HotEnds/E3D-V5-1.75mm-Bowden-All-Metal-HotEnd replacement.

It's not compatible with the makibox, so it needed some modification. Its been turn down to a perfect 15mm diameter.

To hold the E3D hot end in place a custom aluminium drive block is machined. This is fitted with LM4UU linear bearings these are pressure fitted and create a "solid" perfectly 90° but first i needed to modify the firmware to accept the hotend. Thanks to +My Makibox for his groundwork and firmware .hex Link

Do follow the http://e3d-online.com/Documentation when assembling the hotend for best result.

First of all, some pictures of the build but please do read the conclusion

 These parts actualy melted by the hotbed, i repleaced them with some washers with capton tape. This also made it possible to keep the z limit switch Original.

As you can see it moves it moves quite nicely BUT the next plastic part fails (part connected to the rod with tha antibacklash). This part allows for a littlebit of skew witch causes the now ridget hotend mount to jam.... for now i feel like giving up