Saturday, November 8, 2014

3d printer update

Whell to be short, its done. Working like a charm and getting updated as we go.. so here are just a bunch of pictures to show off my printer. Some functional and none functional prints.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Some progress... spool-holder and cold-end mounted

Today i once again find myself to be human, forgot to order some parts. Next time triple check. I am missing 2 pulleys and a motor plate but no problem order them first thing tomorrow.

As for now i cant build my Z, so i made the "universal" spool holder and fitted my extruder (cold-end) next up putting the hot-end together (E3D V6) and mounting it to the printer. This is going to be a temporary solutions but ill have to print the replacement parts.

could not resit to add a "drawing" ;-)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

OKMI 3d Printer Limit switches / first "dry" run

#3dprinter Found some time to get the limit switches of my #OKMI in place, had to do a dry run. Its not perfect but i am making some good progress.

first dry run at 50 mm/s

this is at 600% of 50mm/s 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

OKMI 3d Printer Build: Frame and belts

Started work on my OKMI 3d Printer, Openbuilds has delivered so nothing was holding me back. Pictures tell the story so here we go.

a lot of cutting, wear the appropriate protection!

It fits on the original shelf :-)

At the moment i am working on getting a temporary electronic set-up running and fingering out how to compile Marlin ....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OKMI 3d Printer v0.2

I am going to reuse the makibox hardware in to my 3d printer of my own design. After finding out about #openbuilds it was a nobrainer to build a 3d printer on there extrusion system.

This is version 0.2 big difference between 0.2 and 0.1 is the z height drive position. I moved it to the bottom to make sure the belt is not in the way of the hot end. The wooden parts are to be replaced for 3d printed parts as soon as it works.

Also up for replacement are the mounting plates for the xy motors and the idlers these plates are just a little bit to big to make side panels. I want the clean look of a #makibox but first i need a printer that functions.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Makibox E3D Hotend hack

After the zendrive replacement i started thinking about the hotend. Since i do want to be able to print PLA and just cant seem to get it to work with the stock makibox hotend i orderd a replacement.

It's not compatible with the makibox, so it needed some modification. Its been turn down to a perfect 15mm diameter.

To hold the E3D hot end in place a custom aluminium drive block is machined. This is fitted with LM4UU linear bearings these are pressure fitted and create a "solid" perfectly 90° but first i needed to modify the firmware to accept the hotend. Thanks to +My Makibox for his groundwork and firmware .hex Link

Do follow the when assembling the hotend for best result.

First of all, some pictures of the build but please do read the conclusion

 These parts actualy melted by the hotbed, i repleaced them with some washers with capton tape. This also made it possible to keep the z limit switch Original.

As you can see it moves it moves quite nicely BUT the next plastic part fails (part connected to the rod with tha antibacklash). This part allows for a littlebit of skew witch causes the now ridget hotend mount to jam.... for now i feel like giving up