Monday, June 3, 2013

TBS Discovery Build

Yesterday i got my Team Black Sheep (TBM) Discovery top and bottom plate. Today i started working on te "rebuild".

As for the TBM there are no APM 2.0 mounting hole's so i had to make some. But first the result!

I wanted a clean look, and good reception for the GPS so my APM 2.0 is mounted on top. Here are some picture's of houw i did this.
upside down, the long srews fit in 4 of the 6 hole's at the "center" of the top TBS board.

The APM fit's perfectly on the 4 screw's exactly the same as i had before.

Next, mounting the FPV transmitter.

This is the bottom of the top plate, using the same screws as the one's used for mounting the top.

a bit of velcro and a twrap to sucure the reciever, also on the bottom of the top plate. All together give's a verry clean look. 

Nextup the android planner got the cheapes android 4.0 tablet i found got it to work whit the Droidplanner

Here is some "proof" that it works whit the A13 tablet. Not at al a fancy video but youll see it in action.

Now i need a way to mount the tablet so i designed this.

as you can see it works, not perfect but for a prototype just fine!

Lastup some remaidening the first flight after the rebuild.

Here are the 2 mouting plate's i made and use, link