Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lasercut RC Car (Part 2 - Work in progess)

Already made a lot of modifications to the design, this is what i got so far.

Still in the early dev. of cource. I added another none wood part, had a 6led strip laying around thought it woud make a nice headlight. So as you can see there are 2 parts whith 6 holes in them for te led's. Also redesigned the front "bumper" it's now 3 layers thick (9mm).

Biggest change is the stearing, i fliped the servo 90 degrees and made the stearing all wood. Had to change the top plate to accommedate this.

But i spend most of my time on the engine. i made a working planetarian gear system but whit one mistake (no drive to the main gear) i had to scrap the idea (it was getting to small to fit as the pictures show)

So for now i start with a simple "normal" gear 1:1 this is going to turn the wheels way way way to fast but at worst its a starting point.

The need to line the gears up perfect is solved by creating youre tools to do this. It's a bit more cutting for the laser but it greate's near perfect gears. What i did i used the hole the gear left behind, cut this out make a (or 2 ) extra alignment hole and glu the gear inside. Works perfect!

Next up is cutting the latest engine test (number 4). Had my spacing wrong of test 4 but it still enabled me to perform the initial test. As for the result's .....

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  1. thanks for sharing this here. i am sure that this will help them who are on some project of building a rc bil.