Monday, February 25, 2013

Lasercut RC Car Beta1

The first beta is assebled. Ran in to some smal mistake's witch need fixing but not to bad. The car is off it wheels in the video.

As you can see everything is together had to trim one rear wheel so it misses the enging mount. Ill fix this by making the whole car about 1 cm bigger. Also find a easier way to make the stearing and remove a lot of play.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lasercut RC car (Dry fitting)

Finaly found the time to cut al the parts. So now it's time to find my mistake's as i am sure there are some if not plenty

Did some dry fitting just to see where i went wrong and what needed fixing. As for now every thing is fixable. The reason for the mistake's ... the share number of parts and ... ahum .... human error.

Some pic's of the dry fitting (it's getting there)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sisters birthday present

After creating a marble maschine for my dad's birthday i had to make something for my sister. Since she own's a Iphone a personalised cover came to mind.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lasercut RC Car (Part 2 - Work in progess)

Already made a lot of modifications to the design, this is what i got so far.

Still in the early dev. of cource. I added another none wood part, had a 6led strip laying around thought it woud make a nice headlight. So as you can see there are 2 parts whith 6 holes in them for te led's. Also redesigned the front "bumper" it's now 3 layers thick (9mm).

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lasercut RC Car (Part 1 - Work in progess)

Starting to get the hang of designing laser cut models to work in "real" world. As for a challange a wooden RC car.

So yesterday i started working on the design, made the front including the wheels and stearing. As alway's there are some small changes ill have to adress. Here is my first progess. Ill share the plans as soon as it's finisched and working. The goal is make it 100% from wood, excluding the battery, reseiver, servo, engine and some wiring.

Marble Machine

I found a blog of MSRaynsford creat blog! on the blog was a small marble machine. My dad's birthday was coming up so i thought this woud be perfect.


One problem, in the timeframe i had it was impossible to get the 9.5mm ballbarings so i had to use "normal" 16 mm marbels.