Monday, July 9, 2012

Ground stations / transport (finished)

Everything for the quad is coming together nicely, time to make it a nice transport box to keep it safe. It needs a box a big box, so started making one. For now it's just a big multiplex wooden box. Ill post some pictures of the build along the way.

I's gone house my 7inch lcd whit FPV gear to make it a transport / ground station combi. Room for LIPO's and netbook so it shoud be a all in one Box.

Got some work done, created the wooden inside to house the lcd and made hole's to mount all the metal stuff.

The glue needs to dry and then hopefully tomorrow some base paint.

Got some painting done, the base paint (white) and the inside whit black. Now i need the get the outside in base paint but first the inside needs to dry. As always pictures tell a better story.

Soms more color and the first artistic layer. lets see how manny wil follow.

 Almost forgot finished the fpv setup with LCD for the inside looks the part and works, the inside look's like a mess.. but lets say function before look's.

After 16 hours of drying time, its ready to get the next layer of paint, first picture shows my method and the second the result. This is the last camo paint but some decals are in the making to finish the paint scheme. It looks great if i say so myself :-)

After some final paint and installation (had to paint a QR tag just for the looks it functions as well) Painted the inside some more because the whit was visible. Altho never completely finished lets cal it done!