Friday, May 25, 2012

SensorBoard Version 2.0

Today once again spent some time .. i am still awaiting the return of my APM 2.0, but until then I do not have to get bored.

Just got my video 5.8 200mW tx and rx purchased and begon to puzelen how to assemble and fit it al in. This sensor board version 2.0 as result. Below an image.

It looks like a jumble of holes but let me try to help you out a bit. The Xbee, APM2.0 seem to be clear. The others are explained below. The extra holes on the right side for the things I forgot. The small rectangle is a hole for the cables of the atto sensor (this is because it is at the bottom of the board). There is also a round hole for the beeper of the LS so that it beeps down.

  • LS = Lipo Saver
  • Atto = the current sensor
  • RX = receiver 2.4
  • VTX = video transmitter 5.8

Maybe tomorrow after i made the part whith my cnc it will explain itself. I will post some photos of the result because it probably explains a lot more.