Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday.. no wind black sky's and a bbq perfect for some night rc fun. Enjoy

Friday, May 25, 2012

Parapente Flight

My first experiance whit RC is a diy rc parapente, if you don't get seasick easly watch the video ;-)

Airborne again

Just recieved my prop mounts they almoust fit perfectly.

Updated to firmaware 2.5 and had a short test hover in the back garden. And for the first time used a different mode than stabize namely alt hold. Whitout a sonar so just on baro works like a dream! you get used to not having to care about throttle verry quick, so make sure you have some experiance whit stabilized mode first.

Some light and some darkness

Had to put on some light's the dont just look fancy but help in determining the direction and heading witch is a nessesety. Powering all the electronic's and the lights (6 * 6 led strip) equals 10 Watt.

But then the darkness.. after flying 1 lipo (almost)emty changed it over for lipo number 2, still to foggy for a good gps reception so instead just some airal video then. All was going well till it fell down. Falling from about 18 meters up broke all my props and 1 leg. Just yesterday received the spare so for today it's fixing time.

But i do have the film from falling down will be uploaded soon.

ReBuild whit returned APM

It was a supprise to find a Fedex box in the mail, i did not expect it te be back so soon. So the plans for the evening where made ;-) Getting my quad back to gether. I managed to finished the day whit some hovering in the garden.

I managed to get everything in the frame, including my new FPV set (you can see the cameraconnection on the left of the last picture.

SensorBoard Version 2.0

Today once again spent some time .. i am still awaiting the return of my APM 2.0, but until then I do not have to get bored.

Just got my video 5.8 200mW tx and rx purchased and begon to puzelen how to assemble and fit it al in. This sensor board version 2.0 as result. Below an image.

It looks like a jumble of holes but let me try to help you out a bit. The Xbee, APM2.0 seem to be clear. The others are explained below. The extra holes on the right side for the things I forgot. The small rectangle is a hole for the cables of the atto sensor (this is because it is at the bottom of the board). There is also a round hole for the beeper of the LS so that it beeps down.

  • LS = Lipo Saver
  • Atto = the current sensor
  • RX = receiver 2.4
  • VTX = video transmitter 5.8

Maybe tomorrow after i made the part whith my cnc it will explain itself. I will post some photos of the result because it probably explains a lot more.

Good and bad news

Bad news: the startup of mn APM was so special also confirmed by the authors that there only one solution to return it to the U.S.. Without this part it's is impossible to fly ....

Good news:

Yesterday i charged the battery and checked how mutch it could woud load again. This amounted to 4000 mAH means that there is still 1000mAH left after the flight's, and there is more flight then there is to see. Exact flight times are as APM 2.0 is back.

First Flight

Yes! The first flight is over and stayed in one piece (not counting the camera mount). It is clear that the plexiglas mount was simply too weak. But this offers the possibility to develop version 2.0 ;-)


Yes, yesterday the final stretch to complete the slodeer work, and it is alive i had some simple test programs run without propellers. The direction of rotation of the engines checked and adjusted where necessary.

Also checked the stabilisation whit all motor's running (no props) 
Now to find some time  (ooh and battery charging) is all that stands between the first flight.

Motor Mounts

Problem, the holes for the mounting of the motor do not match with the holes in the arms seated.

Now I own a CNC maschiene stand but this is definitely NOT capable of this quality aluminum milling to the the displayed quality. Fortunately you can get very far with the right connections! Thanx R.

Xbee laptopmount

Now I am using my netbook as ground station with an uplink through an XBee set.

Quickly came to the conclusion that you need something to mount it somewhere so.. A small bracket was made ​​to fit and can be hung on the back of the screen. Obviously it also protects the XBee a little. The pictures say more than enough.

Mounting plaat v2

Getting all the electronic's nicley mounted and keeping it secure made me think of a mounting plate. I coud even use the top and bottom of the mouting plante (the Attopilot sensor is mounted underneath)

Camera mount

Een tijdje terug heb ik voor mezelf een diy cnc gemaakt, op basis van een dremel. Nu komt deze goed van pas.
Zelf je spullen nauwkeurig kunnen maken blijft leuk, plexiglas mount. Zie fotos.
De mount bestaat uit 2 simpele stukjes plexiglas, concept met de hand geschetst daarna verfijnt op de pc.  middels cnc uitfrezen en met een hittebron buigen. Her en der een schroefje en boutje wat zelfklevende klitteband en men heeft een camera mount. Ik zal vast nog tegen verbeterpuntjes aanlopen maar dat is geen punt een kwestie van aanpassen en frezen.


Dji flamewheel f450, met de helft van de schroefjes in elkaar gezet maar nu al erg solide. Bied perspectief.
Een paar fotos van de gear. Diydrones apm2, xbee pro. motoren en speedcontrollers zijn onderweg.
Op dit moment ligt de focus op de simulator. Flighgear 2.4.0 hierin de zender en alle modes volledig werkend krijgen is een puzzel opzich.